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One of the most common calls we get here at Lime Telenet is why is my wifi so slow or weak? This is a very common issue that is really not something your internet service provider can fully resolve. It’s kind of like when you clean a litter box, for some reason there are always little pieces of clay that show up in random places throughout your house, no matter how much you clean, or use the vacuum this stuff shows up literally seconds after you finish cleaning.


Not following me on the comparison, I’m not surprised because they are really nothing a like other than both cleaning a litter box and troubleshooting wifi is difficult.

Why is troubleshooting wifi difficult?

Simply put there are too many variables to consider. Wifi is internet data being transmitted via radio waves in the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz spectrum. In case you were not aware these are the most cluttered frequencies on the planet, essentially anything that is unlicensed and close to the ground transmits in these two frequency ranges. On top of that many electronics can give off interference that affects these radio waves, thickness of walls, electrical lines, plumbing, doors and even devices that use wireless frequencies can cause issues.

We think you are starting to see why it is so difficult for technical support to fully isolate and resolve these issues. There are things you can do to have the most success with your wireless network and we’ve compiled a list below.


1. Install your router or access point away from electrical panels and stay out of rooms with a lot of metal whenever possible.

2. If using extenders or mesh systems ensure you install your wifi extender close enough to the main access point so you are repeating a strong signal or whenever possible run a direct line to your extender.

3. Connect to your 5GHz only when you are close to a access point. 5Ghz does not pass through walls well.

4. Don’t sit right next to your access point or have a lot of electronics around your access points.

5. Try different wireless channels in your settings, in general the higher the frequency the more bandwidth you will have as well as a wider channel will allow you better throughput just keep in mind the wider the channel the more interference you may run into.

More to come on this subject as wifi6E and wifi7 start to emerge, both of these new protocols are exciting developments and I look forward to devices adopting this technology.  Just  a bit of foreshadowing we are talking about new frequencies which means less wireless clutter which means better experience for you.  This as well as the new technology being implement on current wifi6 routers will provide you with a much better experience.

Also visit often as I will be posting about what are the differences between wifi5, wifi6 and older generations, so you can pick the right protocol for your network.  The newest most expensive is not always what is right for you so know the differences and stay tuned for more info.

Some final notes at Lime Telenet.  If all of this information seems too complicated take a look at a custom product we offer to help you optimize your network, Wifi Mesh.   Lime will do our best to help you have the best wifi possible but keep in mind that the best connection is a solid connection, stay plugged in whenever you can. Especially if you are streaming and keep that clay in the box.

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