Home Phone Services

Our digital phone service comes with all the features you expect but without the additional cost such as Voicemail, Call forwarding, Caller ID, Call Block and Voicemail to Email at no additional cost. You can keep your current phone number and call anywhere in North America free of charge. You can call international destinations with confidence that your rates are some of the most competitive in the market with international rates as low as 2 cents per minute to many countries.


Emergency 911 service is different with a digital phone line. See 911 Info for details.

Home Phone Services 1
Unlimited North America Wide
Home Phone Services 2
Voice over IP
Home Phone Services 3
Keep your existing phone number
Plus $49.99 for a required digital box.

World Calling Addon

Lime Telenet Home Phone Addon

Limited World Calling - $9.99/mo

Purchase Limited World Calling for $9.99 and get 25% off our normal international rates. The number of minutes included depend on the destination charge. As an example if you were to call Italy you would receive 500 minutes of talk time for $9.99. If you were to call Germany you would receive 250 minutes of talk time for the same $9.99.

Please call for specific destinations rates and included minutes.