Lime Telenet is a locally owned and operated full service residential and commercial communications company. We specialize in hard lined internet, wireless internet, phone service and comprehensive Hosted PBX solutions. In addition we are also one of the few companies in Southwestern Ontario offering large area wireless point to point communications.

We are a solution driven company that thinks outside of the box to find you a personalized communication package that suits your needs for now and into the future.

Wireless Internet

Wireless Internet is the perfect high speed internet solution for those customers that live in areas without hard line service. Wireless internet transmits data via radio waves from your home or office back to a central tower location. This is the ideal product for commercial applications that seek a true redundant connection that is diverse by both network and geography.

Internet packages

Lime Telenet believes in transparent pricing and product offerings. All internet packages are unlimited, technical support is available 24hrs a day and you are never held to a contracted term to take advantage of some of the best pricing in Canada. Contact Lime Telenet today to see what’s available in your area.

Wireless Point to Point

Wireless Point to Point networks are an economic solution to connect 2 or more locations that don’t currently have a wired infrastructure. PTP wireless bridges (as they are commonly called) are network connections without the need of running overhead or underground wiring over long distances. They transmit data via radio waves in the 900 MHz, 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz or licensed spectrum, primarily used where it is difficult, too costly or impossible to run physical lines from one location to the next.

Hosted PBX

Hosted PBX also known as Private Branch Exchange is a private communication network within your company. Hosted PBX does not come with the expense of internal hardware and maintenance as everything is hosted in a secure redundant data centre.

Hosted PBX can bridge an unlimited number of locations in a single centralized system, this is great for remote locations, traveling employees or to reduce the number of administration that are expected to answer and direct calls in a specific location.

The list of features and benefits are nearly endless. For more information or to set up a meeting with a Hosted PBX specialist please contact Lime Telenet.