Cyber Security- 5 Great tips to be Safe Online

Why is Lime Telenet Writing About Cyber Security?

Cyber Security is in the news quite often and what I’ve noticed is that for the most part consumers are confused of the term and what they should really be looking out for.  In

the post today we are going to look at what Cyber Security means, what you need to be on the look out for and 5 tips to help keep you safe online.


So what is Cyber Security?

Cyber Security



Simply put Cyber Security is the term coined for keeping you safe when you are online. As you can imagine this is a pretty broad topic and is comprised of a lot of layers.  It involves things as simple as having a password on your WiFi to junk mail filters in your email.

Think of it as a private security detail, a president would have only designed specifically for you when you are online.

Will your cyber security take a bullet for you?

5 Tips To Help Keep You Safe Online

  1. Start with the basics, ensure your WiFi has a strong password one that is at least 8 characters long, with numbers, letters, capitals and special characters($%& etc.). I know remembering passwords is a pain but there are still people that will look for open WiFi signals just so they can exploit your service so keep it safe.
  2. Stop clicking on those emails that look fishy.  You know the ones I’m talking about, with the subject line :Attention beneficiary, or Claim your prize.  When you open these emails you, are putting yourself at risk for a virus, if you reply to them you are at risk for identity theft not to mention every time you click on one you’ll notice you start to get more of them.
  3. Don’t click on the link or call the number.   Ever get a pop up that says you have been hacked or your anti virus is outdated you need to click on the link or call the number.  Don’t do it 9 times out of 10 these are scams, that will take you to the cleaners.  Microsoft, and other legit companies do not alert you with pops telling you to call them or click on the link.  If it seems strange that is probably because it is a scam.
  4. Get an antivirus and firewall or at least turn on the windows one.  You don’t have to spend a lot of money or even any money for these services and let me tell you when you get a virus or someone does hack your computer you’ll wish you had one because now you are spending hours cleaning your system or you have to pay someone else.
  5. Free games, social media ads for awesome products at super low prices, and pop ads.  Ok, we all love games that are free but be careful, don’t click the ads.  This games aren’t really free, the ads pay for them and sometimes those ads are for unsafe sites.  Rule of thumb if something seems to good to be true, it probably isn’t true.  A great product super cheap is a fraud, if you are lucky you’ll just get a piece of junk you can’t use if not you just sold your credit card and personal info to the Dark Web.  If an ad is legit it doesn’t need to pop up, there goes your personal information.

So now you say, “Man I wish I would have know about these 5 tips years ago, now all my information is out there, what do I do?”  Don’t worry mistakes happen, not all is lost.  If you haven’t noticed any suspicious activity on your credit/debit cards now’s the time to change your Cyber Security behaviours.  Monitor your credit score, keep an eye on your statements, secure your WiFi, get some antivirus protection and you should be fine.


Two last piece of advice, never ever store your bank/credit card numbers or passwords on your devices.  This is a good way to have your finances in shambles quickly.  Each password you create for websites, WiFi or anything that is online should be original to that specific application.  In other words if your banking password is Ilovemybank123$ then your WiFi password should be something different and your email password something different again.  If you can’t remember them write them in a book, go old school.

If you ever have any questions about Cyber Security give us a call, we’d be happy to give you some more tips on keeping you safe.  After all a safe online customer is a customer who has money to pay their bills.  Speaking of paying your bills did you know you can pay your bills online in your secure payment portal, .  Keeping our topic of Cyber Security in mind make sure you create a secure password when you login for the first time, if you need help setting up your account give us a call or email

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