The Best Business Phone or Home Phone That Stays On Your 10-20



Ok so I’ve posted an open letter and a few general help documents now I need to pay the bills, so here we go.  Have I got a phone product for you…

No really this is for the business folks out there and world travellers who want to be mobile but not have to worry about roaming charges on their phone.

Not a lot of our customers know it, but we provide a service that uses an App that is called Glocom.  This is a pretty cool software.  Glocom allows you message and make calls on the go just like you were in the office or in your home.  It also allows you to send faxes from adobe, excel or word pretty much anything you can print you can fax.

Working From Home

With the advent of a lot of employees working from home it has been rather costly to provide every employee both a business phone at the office and one at their home.   So what do you?  Do you buy two phones for every employee, send them home with a fax machine, tell them they have to carry their phone home with them but don’t drop it because they are stupid expensive?

Handy Dandy APP

business pbx phone systems

Here’s where our service comes in handy.  Pretty much every employee now days has a smart phone or a laptop if they are working from home.  Our app can be installed on android, mac or windows and you can make calls directly on the app.

Each individual does need a license but you can have it setup to seamless work with their desk phone so, no one will know they are out of the office, you can message them to see how you can help them land that next great deal or have a team chat and coming soon they can text your customers without providing them with their personal cell phone number or from the comfort of their computer using a full keyboard.

Oh wait there’s more you can setup meetings with your group, you can share files, you can have video chats.

And for those of you who still know what a fax is, you can even send faxes, faxes direct from the document you are working on or by scanning them to a pdf.

Now for those of you who aren’t in business you can still enjoy this app, you can take your number with you so say you are in Africa on vacation and you want a number that your older parents can call just in case they want to check in.  Use our app and your Canadian local number is now local for your parents to call you even in Africa.

Are your kids going to school in another country why not get them a local phone number so they can call home more often and not worry about crazy international charges or having to mess around with those international calling cards.  Or even just get them the app license so they can keep in touch with their friends and family back home and it would be just like they are calling from your home.

If you are really adventurous you could even call in sick to work when you are at the beach, since the app would show you are calling from home.  We won’t tell your boss, we promise.

Put a twist in your phone with Lime, give us a call our email us for more details on pricing and a custom package.

Check out our product page for more of what our business services can offer you

Mic drop(pun intended), sales pitch over!


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