textLime Telenet Virtual Texting Service

With the advent of more customers preferring texting over phone calls or emails Lime Telenet has a new product availability to our commercial customers.  Lime Virtual Texting Service or LVTS is a product which allows you to communicate with your customers via windows/Mac pc, tablet, Iphone or android phone via text message using chat type software which is very easy to use.

Text Via Your Main Number

This new product will allow you to have your customers either text you via your normal voice phone number or on a dedicated number, whichever you prefer.  If you choose to use your existing number you are still able to make calls as normal but now also have the option of making calls directly from your desired device as well (provided your device is equipped with necessary audio abilities).

If you choose to have a separate number for texting, your customers will still call your existing number, dedicated texting numbers only allow sms and mms not voice traffic.

Pick Your Texting App

Each package will include at least one license to the communicator App which allows your staff the ability to communicate via text message (sms and mms).  The package will include unlimited Canada Wide inbound sms messages, a Maximum number of mms and outbound sms messages combined, a phone number either texting only or converting your new number to send and receive text messages as well as voice calls.


The communicator App also allows you to make phone calls directly from your device as mentioned above so now if your employee has to work from home they can take their office extension with them.  It has a fax feature which allows you to send faxes directly from your device, on pcs and macs you are able to send faxes from adobe, and office just like you would print a document.

When you have multiple users in an office or across multiple offices you are able to communicate within your group, send announcements it even has emoji’s to make work a bit more enjoyable.   The Meeting Package includes licensing to communicator Meeting which allows you to have audio and video meetings with any of your contacts, share your screen and collaborate.

Give Your Staff Some Texting Relieftext

In the past sales staff and even technical staff may have provided their customers with their direct phone number, receiving texts at all hours of the day and night.  I can tell you from experience this makes your staff moral go up as well as engagement.  Everyone needs a little down time to recharge.  Send your messages to your main number and let your team enjoy their time off, without worrying that a message has been missed.

Save Some Cash

Reduce cost of company supplied cell phones.  The combination of desktop app and mobile app allows your staff the flexibility of using their computer like a cell phone for texting where as if they need to leave the office they can switch to the mobile app and respond like they are at their desk without the need for you to pay for a company provided cell phone.



LVTS paired with communicator meeting is a unified communication knockout punch that will increase your teams productivity, both in the office and out.  Don’t restrict your sales team to their desk, liberate them with tools that are productive and easy to use.




Contact our sales department for customized quote or pick from the packages below.

Package Text included Licenses included Phone numbers included Price
Meeting 1000 (M1000) 1000 3 3  $    73.99
Business 1000 (B1000) 1000 3 3  $    59.97
Single 1000 (S1000) 1000 1 1  $    44.99
M2000 2000 3 3  $ 109.99
B2000 2000 3 3  $    95.99
S2000 2000 1 1  $    80.99
M5000 5000 6 6  $ 219.99
B5000 5000 6 6  $ 205.99
S5000 5000 1 1  $ 189.99


Additional Licenses 1000 Plan 2000 Plan 5000 Plan
Meeting $              14.99 $                      12.99 $                                        7.99
Communicator Business $                9.99 $                        7.99 $                                        6.99


Additional Phone numbers Price
Each $2.99


Feel free to send us a sms at 2267225114 to request further information on this great product suite. As usual you can call us at the same number, email customerservice@limetelenet.com, message us on our website https://limetelenet.com or even reach out to us via facebook https://facebook.com/limetelenet