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One of the most common reasons that our customers enjoy partnering with us is that we do our best to find an internet speed package that suits your needs. There is no point in paying for more than what you need, there is what we call future proofing and then there is what is called customer confusion.

Internet speed vs Internet Volume

So here is the biggest misunderstood acronym in the industry, Mbps. This stands for Megabits per second. Marketers have you believing this is a measurement of speed. Not true. This is more relatable to volume. Let me explain. Mbps measures the total amount of data you can push out (upload) or pull down (download) from a particular destination on the internet in a 1 second time span.

internet speed

Think of it like the pipes in your home. If you have a large pipe supplying your water to your home you get a lot of water but the speed of the water reaching your house is still for the most part coming at the same speed no matter if you have a large pipe or s small pipe.

Actual Internet Speed

Your actual internet speed is measured by your latency which is measured in milliseconds. This is the time it takes a set amount of data to be sent out to a set destination and return to you.

Buyer Beware

Many companies sell you on the concept that internet speed equates toe larger Mbps but that is just not true. The higher the Mbps the more information you can send or receive in a 1 second period of time. This information is just as important as the actual speed of the internet but for a different reason.

I will give you an example. If you have a 100 Mbps download connection what this means is that at any given second you are able to download a maximum of 100 Megabits of data on your network. What that really means to you is that you can use a variety of devices all at the same time, that their total data needs in any given second does not exceed 100 Megabits. So for instance streaming in HD requires between 7-10 Mbps. Using the 100 Mbps example and streaming in HD you would be able to stream on 10 devices simultaneously, provided your router is capable of doing so (a topic for another day).

Right Size Your Internet Package

Our team does their best to find out what you are using the internet for, how many simultaneous users and devices you plan on using at the same time and then match that information to the best possible package not the highest internet speed. We do not sell you a 1000 Mbps(better know as Gigabit) circuit when all you do is check emails or stream on one device. If this is you, we would sell you a 15 Mbps circuit or possibly a 40 Mbps circuit if you mention that you entertain a lot or have frequent guests.

The Moral

Moral of the story don’t believe the marketing spin about internet speed, give us a call we’ll be honest even if it costs us the sale because that’s what is right. If we can’t provide you with a service that suits your needs we do our best to point you in the right direction, we are consumers to and there is nothing worse than being sold on something that’s not right for your needs.

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