Provide the #1 Best Customer Service

In todays fast paced world it is easy to forget that your customers pay your bills and customer service rules.  I find that even smaller companies who survive on this principle are forgetting this, as they try to navigate through lock downs and restrictions. Customer service is key.


My Customer Service History

Customer Service

Five years ago, I found myself working for a large international company which prided itself on being a leader in customer experience, in reality they were failing.  You see they forgot who their customer really was.  Their customer was not the just the multi billion dollar client that they were hired to outsource for but more importantly it was the clients of that company who really drove the success for both companies.  I struggled with this fact that somehow as much as they preached it no one actually lived the philosophy of providing the very best customer service.  So after 10 years of working with this company I took some time off to be with my family and stumbled into my new path, Lime Telenet.

Who do you work for?

Most of you have heard of Bell, or Rogers or Cogeco or even locally MNSI, but rarely to do I hear anyone say, oh yeah I’ve heard of Lime Telenet.  Well I’m hear to tell you that this is probably one of Canada’s most customer centric companies that you’ve never heard of.

Lime Telenet?

I started with Lime Telenet in January 2017, at the time it was run by 4 local investors only one of which had any experience in the sector and actually only on the sales and marketing side.  They had started the business a little less than 2 years prior and were really just starting to get things rolling, in fact at the time I started we didn’t even have a real office and my training was done at a coffee shop.

I started in sales and although I had experience managing a sales force and doing sales myself I had never done outside sales.  I was quickly able to hold my own in this new career and I credit a couple of things to my success, one I really focused on the customers needs not what they wanted or what was going to bring in the biggest revenue but their core needs and second honesty.  My customers come back to me not because I’m the cheapest or the fastest but because I’m honest and I don’t sell them on things they don’t need, refreshing right?

Shedding weight to provide better customer service

As Lime Telenet evolved we went through a couple of brick and mortar offices, we were highly over staffed with technicians and even had a larger sales staff but in the end we shed all of those things to become what I would best describe as minimalist company.  For the last 2 years we have the bare minimum number of staff members, we all work from home, we all wear multiple hats and we all take turns after hours helping our customers.  This is how we are able to provide the best value for your dollar, not paying for things you don’t need and we don’t need because that is what is right for our customers.  Honesty, Value, Help and most importantly a human you can interact with rather than, email or chat or a bot or a long drawn out phone menu, these are the keys to our customer service success.

We’re Human too

One other thing that I think the big guys and even the not so big guys over look is the human side of billing and life in general of your customers.  Lime Telenet knows life happens, if you have a problem we listen to that problem even if it isn’t something we can fix for you.  We work with you to help you not just with our services but in life as well.  We refer our customers to other customers we know provide services they may be looking for.  If life happens and you need a couple extra days to get your bill paid we don’t send the wolves to your door we work with you to keep your internet and phone on because we know you need those services to work, or to relax because both are equally important.

We partner with our customers so that we all benefit.  It is now time that you, our customers, who enjoy our great customer service, help us grow so that we can continue to partner with them.  We ask that if you are keeping us a secret, to let others now how great your customer service experience has been.  If you do tell people about our great customer service, please tell more (remember we do pay that favour back).  Help us Grow!!

Help get the word out.

If you’ve seen this short story about my experience with Lime Telenet and you have never heard of us before give us a call, shoot me an email or drop by our website or facebook page we’d love to meet you and see how we can partner with you to provide you with a great customer experience.





Michael Dodge

Head of Operations

Lime Telenet